Swing Your Head – a Surprising Golf BackSwing Technique
maggio 29, 2007, 10:09 pm
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When Paul Wilson was learning to play golf, his father told him at least 50 times per round to keep his head still. Perhaps you’ve heard the same advice. Especially when it comes to trying to learn the perfect golf backswing.

Better advice would be to “move your head a little on the way back” to get a proper golf backswing.

It sounds counter intuitive and even feels abit unnatural. But think of a ballerina or figure skater going into a spin. They always move their head first to set up and create a proper two-point axis. A proper circular motion requires two axis points. A top and a bottom. And when you set up to execute a golf backswing your head becomes the top axis and your legs and feet become the bottom axis.

Basically, your head should lead the way by moving 5-7 inches to the right as you start your golf backswing. Swing your head to the right, stay in that position as you come down, and move yoru head forward only after the ball has been hit. Watch any touring pro closely and you’ll notice moving your head is the proper golf backswing technique. In fact, if a ballerina or figure skater didn’t move their head first, they would be unable to start their spin at all. Likewise with your backswing. Don’t move your head and you never create the two-point axis needed to get proper a proper circular motion.

So what you have is a floating top to an axis. Your head floats back and forth to create 2 axis when you swing. This allows your golf backswing be a circular motion. It’s not a perfect circle though. It’s a slight oval. Because your swing is a slight oval, you will never hit the ball 100% perfect.

The only time you would keep your head still during a golf backswing is if you had one leg. If you had one leg, you would have 1 top and 1 bottom to an axis. This means that if you moved your head you would destroy this axis. So maybe we should all be playing standing on one leg and keeping our head still? Unfortunately, this will never work because you will not generate enough power and you will probably fall over. Most people have enough trouble keeping their balance with 2 legs never mind 1 so it’s best that you keep both legs on the ground and learn to move your head.

Most people trying to learn a better golf backswing techique try to move their head back when I tell them to but they have a hard time actually doing it because it feels so uncomfortable for them to move their head.

One way to get past this is to consciously consider moving your head about 12 inches when you start your backswing. Think 12 inches and your head will naturally move five to six inches. Still uncomfortable? Try practicing your golf backswing in front of a mirror.

As your swing comes down, your head should stay back and you’ll feel the power loading on your right leg. This is what you are striving for. This weight shift is your clue you have properly created the top axis needed. If you don’t feel your weight shift into our right leg, this is a clue you need to move your head back more when you start the backswing. Think more, not less and you’ll soon be hitting like a pro.

Wearing a hat while you practice is also a great golf backswing technique. What you are looking for is to keep the brim of your hat level to the ground as you start the backswing. If the brim tilts to the left you are moving your head back, you are tilting your head back. Strive to keep your head level to the ground.

Another useful golf backswing tip is to video tape yourself as you practice. Then review the tape. Are you moving your head o the right and back or are you keeping it still? Is your head still back through impact or coming down? The proper golf backswing will have your head coming down only after impact.

There is one caveat, however. When you move your head to the right this may cause you to hit behind the ball. This is a good clue you are moving your head back properly but what’s happening is you are loading your leg too much during impact. To remedy this situation just shift a little more weight off your right leg as you complete your swing and follow through. Pull it off and you’ll not only create the perfect golf backswing axis, you’ll hit the ball on the sweet spot every time and with much more power and speed off the face than ever before.

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